Artist Statement:

It is not an artist’s job to please anyone, but to do the work that they are most compelled to do.  It’s the public’s job to seek out and appreciate the work that resonates with them.

I am not self taught, though not formally trained. I started my journey into art by attending workshops, working primarily in watercolor. When the internet gained popularity I joined forums and read articles written by those who’s work I admired. As my children started leaving the nest, I joined Lahaina Art Society and Plein Air Artists of Maui. I found encouragement and mentorship with the finest artists alive today. Maui inspires great art.

After feeling I had accomplished what I wanted with watercolors I switched to oils. My artist peers told me it would be an easy transition from watercolor into oils. I did not find this so, I started on the bottom of the learning curve and have had a wonderful adventure. I paint on location as well as studio work.

It really has been my life time dream to become an artist. I thank the Lord for allowing this vision to come to fruit. Thank you for visiting. I do accept commission pieces:) Feel free to contact me.

Raliegh Timmins
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